Amsterdam Noord-Holland 1071 HK
Téléphone: (+31) (0)20 754 2336

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Fondée en: 2010

Awards: 73

créations: 54


Amsterdam Noord-Holland 1071 HK
Téléphone: (+31) (0)20 754 2336
Rogier Sol

Rogier Sol

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Bas Welling

Bas Welling


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A propos de WeFilm

Enthusiasm and interest come naturally when people love what they see. In the old days, people were pushed to watch ads in order to see the content they liked. In the future, this content itself will be your ad.

We like to tell stories that make people laugh or cry. Honest content based on the why of the brand’s existence. If a company shows humanity, it will get everyone's sympathy. We dream of making our world a better place through the power of film.

Wefilm is your creative partner in the development and execution of content that inspires awe and emotion. We tell stories that stimulate your audience, stories that are uniquely relevant to the brand and worthwhile sharing.

Wefilm was founded in 2010 by two brothers who believed in a radical change. Today, it has become a collective of directors and storytellers who pioneer in groundbreaking advertising. We challenge our teams and clients to get out of their comfort zone and fine-tune a concept until we find something truly unique. Wefilm is an independent production company that co-creates content with agencies and brands that are daring enough to embrace the power of storytelling. 


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