TitreTimes are Changing
Campagne Times are Changing
Annonceur Unilever
Marque Unox
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Alimentation
Synopsis Our brief was to retain Unox’s trustworthy, traditional brand identity while promoting its growing range of vegetarian options to the Dutch public. We had to make this a story about trying something new, not about missing out. So we embraced a CG feature animation style to tell a sweet story of how meat-free days can work even in a third-generation family of butchers. This was about telling a rich story with the product at the heart, not just the end shot, and we obsessively crafted each scene with a high level of detail to both the scenery and the nuanced performance. With this, just a few looks between father and daughter could define the climax of the film.
Type de média Télévision
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