Amsterdam, Pays-Bas


Sint Pieterspoortsteeg 19
Amsterdam 1012 HM
Téléphone: (+31) 20 488 2067

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Fondée en: 2005

Awards: 113

créations: 66


Sint Pieterspoortsteeg 19
Amsterdam 1012 HM
Téléphone: (+31) 20 488 2067

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A propos de Sizzer

Sizzer is an internationally operating music consultancy with offices in Amsterdam and Berlin.
One of the leading agencies in the world of music for images, their network of unusual suspects and ground-breaking artists helps them combine creativity and experience as they help brands find edgy and offbeat musical solutions. 


Anglais, Français, Allemand, Italien, Néerlandais
Philosophie et positionnement concurrentiel

Sizzer Amsterdam is a music agency that didn’t adopt the name of their selected turf in their company name by accident. The city has enjoyed a life-long history of entrepreneurial turbulence and social insurrection and has thus become a breeding ground for counter culture. Examples of which can be found in the beatnik and early LGBT scene, the cobra group, fluxus art, provo, punk and the house movement.

Sizzer Amsterdam prides itself in reflecting this attitude by being a pack of misfits themselves. Outsiders with two ears open for anything edgy or offbeat—both in sound and spirit. Working with a network of highly unusual suspects and groundbreaking artists, we combine experience with zest as we help brands find truth, soul and vigour. 

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