43-45 Camden Road
London NW1 9LR
Téléphone: (+44) 7960 59 89 87

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Sauna International

43-45 Camden Road
London NW1 9LR
Téléphone: (+44) 7960 59 89 87

Kojo Abban

Executive Producer

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A propos de Sauna International

Established in August 2010 by director Mikko Lehtinen and executive producer Kojo Abban, Sauna International is a London based, multinational production company specialised in commercial productions.

Sauna International has steadily built a long-lasting, dynamic relationship with clients, agencies, ingenious talent from the world of fine art, music videos and the short and feature film industry. This diversity of directors aims to provide agencies with an exhaustive choice of styles, trends, skills and cultural approaches for their advertising needs.

Throughout his career Mikko has been awarded in numerous festivals. Most recently his charity spot Fragile Childhood about parental alcohol abuse has earned him a much coveted Gold Lion award in the Cannes Lions International Festival 2014 and was also featured on the BBC and CNN.

Prior to building Sauna International with Mikko, Kojo Abban worked at Great Guns for over a decade, With 2 decades worth of industry experience working globally he has a firm understanding of how to fulfil client needs.

Sauna has built a reputation for great filmmaking and a friendly and fun approach and over the years has worked with many international brands such as Coca – Cola, BBC, VW, Yandex, Czech Post, Tatra, Airtel, Atria, Forumbank, Finnair to mention a few. 


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