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A propos de Untold Fable

Untold Fable is a new kind of content production company. Our unique model combines a global network of production talent, curated and built with diversity at its heart, flexible models and on-demand agency services, and a technology platform that puts data behind D&EI goals. We also make beautiful TVCs, digital and branded content.

We offer flexible access to the precision of creative intelligence services, the efficiency and creativity of community-based content creation and seamless project management via a technology platform

We’re the first network model to offer both audio and video content creation capabilities. We create original and branded content, as well as paid and organic still, video and audio assets for all platforms, and we manage projects from brief to delivery.


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Our network is built with diversity at its heart. We’ll find the right talent for your brief from any discipline, background or geography, drawing on a pool based in 100+ countries. By combining personal curation and discovery technology, we ensure our network has the most coveted and up-and-coming talent, By partnering with Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, our global pool of 100+ production specialists have been rigorously trained in the latest digital and social best practices, ready to deliver high-performing assets. 

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