Norman Tan
North Asia Chief Creative Officer & China Chairman at J. Walter Thompson Shanghai
Shanghai, Chine
Campagne Vicious Cycle - Health Promotion Board
Annonceur Health Promotion Board
Marque Health Promotion Board
Mise en ligneMars 2004
Produit Anti-smoking Campaign
Secteur d'activité Lutte contre la drogue, l'alcool, le tabac
Slogan Easy to start. Very dificult to stop
Synopsis The ads communicate that smoking is an act that easy to start and very difficult to stop. It illustrates that smoking is a vicious circle from which it is near impossible to get out.
Philosophie The strategy was to appeal to the vanity factor of teenagers. The campaign highlights the damage smoking does to things top-most on the minds of the teens; like personal appearance and sexual performance.
Problème The problem was that teenagers were apathetic to the usual claims of ardinary 'anti-smoking' campaigns. They believed that diseases like cancer and heart afflictions happened only yo old people. Teenagers believed that they were going to live forever and that smoking helped them integrate with their peer groups and made them look cool and grown-up.
Type de média Presse magazine
Marché Singapour
Directeur de création
Concepteur / rédacteur
Directeur artistique
Directeur de clientèle

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