Yves-Eric Deboey
Directeur de création at Publicis Conseil
Paris, France
Campagne Orange Rockcorps
Annonceur Orange
Marque Orange Rockcorps
Mise en ligneDécembre 2009
Secteur d'activité Communication Corporate / Institutionnelle
Slogan Music makes a difference.
Synopsis Orange is the main sponsor of a campaign aimed at the young: Orange RockCorps, a prestigious concert organised on 2nd October, 2009, where the only way to get a ticket was to volunteer 4 hours’ work in an organisation.
Philosophie OBJECTIVES

> Appeal to a young audience

> Challenge their perceptions about the brand: the lack of new and original I35 the scarcity of activities and products based on their interests, especially music

> Build a more sustainable relationship with this versatile target audience


Concept: Mixing 2 opposing worlds humorously: charity and music.
Specifically, using music to encourage young people to volunteer and showing them that the experience can be fun and exhilarating.

Codes: Building on music codes, using the references of the young => illustrating our concept in the form of music / video clips. The concept of the Orange RockCorps Campaign
Showing young people who, through music, have fun doing a good deed: cleaning the windows of an old people’s home, cleaning a beach, cleaning a gym

Message: With music, we can all make a difference.

A 3-screen strategy: TV, web, mobile phone for multiple contact points and better interactivity.

TV budget = 40% of the campaign, ‘hyper affinity’ mass media (screens dedicated to our target), media driving visibility and boosting web traffic
Web = interactive and engaging media in affinity with the target,
Mobile = ‘hyper affinity’ media, complementary to the web


Gross budget = €7.7m

Investment share = 15%

Boys and girls aged 16-24
Problème Orange RockCorps is an opportunity for people to change the things around them and to attend a unique concert in France.
The concept is simple: individuals need to give just four hours of their time to an Orange RockCorps partner association project near their home. In exchange, they receive a ticket for the year's biggest concert on 2 October at Paris Zenith Venue. Tickets are not on sale for the event, nor can they be won in any competition.
Type de média Télévision
Marché France
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