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Oslo, Norvège
TitreThe not so happy barn santa
BriefIn a Norwegian Christmas folk tale, a diminutive Santa lives in the barn and takes care of the animals. A little girl who asks her parents if she can take him some porridge. They comply, but only with a tiny bowl. The girl asks: "What about sugar? Butter? Cinnamon?" Her mother shoos her off. The girl has barely returned when there's a commotion. It's the barn Santa himself - and he's not happy. Using Tine dairy products, he fixes himself the perfect bowl of porridge.
Campagne The not so happy barn santa
Annonceur TINE Norske Meierier
Marque Tine Dairy products
Mise en ligneNovembre 2018
Secteur d'activité Alimentation
Synopsis The barn santa is a northern legend. Traditionally he is a small angry santa who lives in barns and takes care of the animals. Each year Norwegians leave porridge outside for the barn Santa to eat. This year the barn Santa was NOT happy with the quality of the porridge.
Type de média Télévision
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Producteur, agence
Producteur, agence

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