Geoffrey Hantson
Antwerp, Belgique
TitreBehind The Numbers
Campagne Behind the numbers
Annonceur OVK / PEVR (Parents of Child Road Victims)
Marque OVK
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Sécurité Routière
Synopsis When you hear this, somebody just died in a traffic accident. Number 66 since January. Number 66 in the statistics. But most of all: a real person... and always somebody’s child. Please, drive carefully. 66 are 66 too many. A message from parents of road victims. Like me.
Philosophie ‘Behind the numbers’. A year-long radio campaign you’d rather not hear. Because every time it airs somebody just died in traffic. In real-time. One adapted and unique radio spot for each road victim. Minutes after it happened. Since early January, till end of the year. Every day again, unfortunately. Every time somebody dies in traffic. Making every victim, every number in the statistics, more tangible. To illustrate the scale of the problem to everybody listening to the radio, mostly while driving. By doing so, the organization ‘Parents of Road Victims’ wants to turn each lost life into a reason to drive more carefully. Each unique spot was recorded by real parents of road victims.
Problème In Belgium, In 2017, 640 people lost their lives in a road accident. That’s a decrease of 13% compared to 2016. Good news. At least, for the statistics that is. Because for the 640 parents, friends and other relatives of each one of the victims, it’s pure tragedy Brief: How can we illustrate the fact that 640 dead people dying on the road is still way too much in a country as small as Belgium. How can we get beyond the statistics? How can we turn each road victim, each lost child, into a reason to drive more carefully.
Résultat The campaign started early January and will last till end of this year. The big advantage of this campaign is that it’s not one of those one-off sensibilisation campaigns. This a long term plan to turn each victim into a radiospot urging you to drive more carefully. This radio campaign will have as many spots and as many appearances as there will be people dying in traffic. Turning each victim into talk value and a reason share. Every time again. The combined results will only be clear by the end of this year.
Type de média Radio
Directeur Général
Regionale Coordinator
Regionale Coordinator
Directeur de la photo
Responsable de budget agence
Executive Creative officer
Strategic Director
Responsable de la création
Directeur de création
Directeur de création
Concept Provider / Copywriter
Concept Provider / Copywriter
Senior Creative Coach
Group Account Director
Head of Motion
Motion Designer
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Junior Account Executive
Production radio
Radio Director

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