Geoffrey Hantson
Antwerp, Belgique
TitreBuffering Wheel
Campagne Buffering Wheel
Annonceur Voo
Marque VOO
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Fournisseurs d'accès Internet
Synopsis Have you ever experienced Buffer rage? Data shows that over 50% of people experience it every day. It’s a state of uncontrollable anger induced by the interruption of online content or streaming video.We all know how it feels to stare at this buffering wheel, don’t we? To promote Belgium’s fastest internet, from the country’s biggest Telecom challenger VOO, We decided to hijack this symbol of rage and frustration. To do so we started a collaboration with Belgian news sites and streaming services andadapted the code of their loading screen by adding a new line of code with an additional message:‘Load up to 4 times faster with VOO.’ This message appeared on actual buffering wheels after 1.5 seconds.Because data shows that VOO clients never have to wait more than 1.5 seconds. So, for the first time ever, we made sure that every time non-VOO clients were confronted with the problem, they were also confronted with the solution. Which allowed us to reach 70% of our target audience at their specific moments they were getting frustrated about our competitor’s internet speed. Yes indeed, with a bit of code and some media collaborations, we managed to turn the actual buffering wheel into a new advertising medium.
Philosophie To claim fast internet for all, VOO Telecom turns the infamous buffering wheel into a new advertising medium.
Type de média Digital
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Directeur de création
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Responsable de budget agence

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