Dominique Laroche
Marketing Manager at Acadomia
Paris, France
Titre (langue originale)Parc
Campagne Fathers & Sons - Wonderbra
Annonceur Hanesbrands Inc.
Marque Wonderbra
Mise en ligneFévrier 2008
Secteur d'activité Lingerie, sous-vêtements et pyjamas
Philosophie Nipples offers an ideal opportunity to create buzz around the brand. This is more than just a product that fits in with Wonderbra?s genetic code; it's also a market first. When it comes to grabbing attention and highlighting the brand's core values of creativity and daring, it?s hard to imagine greater impact.
Problème This year, Wonderbra is back with THE bold item of the season: Nipples, a bra shaped to suggest slightly erect nipples. Riding a wave set off by hot celebrities, this new limited series gives ?trendy sexy? young women a chance to keep everyone guessing with a titillating "no bra" effect. Their busts can now look free under their outergarments, yet incredibly moulded and pointy!
Type de média Presse & publications
Directeur de la création
Directeur artistique
Concepteur / rédacteur
Chef de groupe
Chef de groupe
Chef de groupe
Post production
Responsable de la publicité (annonceur)
Responsable de la publicité (annonceur)
Responsable de la publicité (annonceur)

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