Jan Boon
Director at WeFilm
Brussels, Belgique
TitreThe Worst Instagram Account. Ever!
Campagne The Worst Instagram Account. Ever!
Annonceur Samsung
Marque Samsung Galaxy S7| Edge
Mise en ligneNovembre 2016
Secteur d'activité Téléphones mobiles & tablettes
Synopsis In this mini-documentary, Icelandic fisherman Runar Jonsson explains that he’d love to express his artistic side through Instagram, but his pictures always come out dark and blurry – especially during his country’s dark winter. His wife agrees that his Instagram account is one of the worst ever. Samsung help him out by giving him a new phone that takes really great pictures, even in low light. For the first time, Runar is able to take a decent selfie with the former colleague who once saved his life when he was swept overboard.
Problème The new Samsung Galaxy S7 phone has the best camera ever built into a smartphone. It creates perfect pictures, even in low light conditions.
We chose to take the conversation to the consumers on their own turf, online, with an engaging story that demonstrates beyond any doubt the S7 camera’s unique picture quality.
We wanted to find an authentic character who could really benefit from the most important USP (perfect pictures, even in low light conditions) of the Galaxy S7 and help us to tell the story.
That’s why we went to Iceland, the country with the longest twilight in the world.

Can the Worst Instagram Account Ever tell the story of the best smartphone camera ever?

In Iceland we teamed up with Rúnar Jónsson, a fisherman who likes to share pictures on Instagram. The problem: his smartphone couldn’t cope with the local low light conditions, so his Instagram is basically a collage of dark squares. Because you can’t see what is in the pictures, Rúnar often writes extensive captions describing them. To encourage and support him in his passion, we gave him a brand new Galaxy S7.

We made Rúnar’s Instagram the heart of the campaign, bringing authenticity and engagement to the conversation. To build the story credibly and properly dosed, we first started seeding his Instagram account with his dark pictures. In the beginning people made fun of him. But soon there was a fast-growing group of followers who enthusiastically embraced him, loved his stories and encouraged him to continue.
Then we launched a moving video; an honest portrait of a man with a passion, so people could meet the man behind the worst Instagram account ever. The video ends with Rúnar getting the new Galaxy S7 as a gift and taking his first "clear" picture. At that point, the second boost of his Instagram account began. Once Rúnar started posting his beautiful Galaxy S7 pictures, the conversation really took off. Followers went head to head debating whether this was just a campaign, a true story or both. A lot of heart-warming reactions encouraged Rúnar to take more pictures. Fans started #runarforpresident, which became a trending topic.
Type de média Télévision
Maison de production
Responsable de budget agence
Responsable de budget agence
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