Emmanuel Devezeaux de Rancougne
General Manager at Proximity Paris
Paris Area, France, France
Campagne You never know someone until you dance with them
Annonceur Ubisoft
Marque Just Dance 2017
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Consoles de jeux et jeux
Synopsis SUMMARY
The “You never know someone until you dance with them" campaign is the story of a rescue. “Just Dance”, the once Europe's most popular dancing video game, faced a terrible market turnaround in 2016 which pushed the brand to reinvent its communication strategy. The goal was to convince older and more demanding new generation console players that “Just Dance" is more than just a game: it’s a genuine social experience, shared with friends and loved ones. By revealing the unexpected power of dance to people, the campaign managed to reverse the brand’s downfall.
Philosophie The campaign spotlights this true power of dancing: revealing something completely new about the person you’re dancing with.The result is an international campaign that gives us a good reason to dance and discover Just Dance 2017. The campaign uses 3 funny, authentic films to illustrate the moments of truth that only dancing can cause. The idea of the campaign came from an insight about dancing: that it opens us up and shows other people our true selves. When you dance, you’re not your job, your social status or your past. You’re just you, here and now. Dancing with someone creates an undeniable connection. And don’t we really discover people when we see them dance? 
Type de média Télévision
Responsable de la publicité (annonceur)
Responsable de la publicité (annonceur)
Responsable de la publicité (annonceur)
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