Alex Grieve
Chief Creative officer (CCO) at AMV BBDO, London
London, Royaume-Uni
TitreBuilt for their Imagination
Campagne Built for their Imagination
Annonceur Asda
Marque George
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Vêtements pour enfants
Synopsis In the film the kids run and hide in an active game of tag, putting their George uniforms through their paces, until one boy is tagged by the monster built by the children’s imaginations (and some fantastic animation!!). To our surprise, the monster then turns into a girl who gleefully runs off as the boy transforms into another monster to continue the game. We realise we’ve been watching a playground game through the vivid imagination of the children, summed up by the end line, “Clothes Built For Their Imagination.” When the film was completed, a panel of children was consulted to ensure that the monster was something they’d imagine and the game was true to something they’d play.
Philosophie To kick off the creative process, we worked with an enthusiastic group of real school children, the George ‘Class of 2019’, and asked them to share their favourite playground game, with the unanimous decision being tag. They were then tasked with sharing their creative input to design a tag ‘monster’ so that it was not only kid-friendly, but true to something they’d imagine. “We took the most popular themes, and used them to design a unique monster for the screen” said Art Director Andy Clough.
Type de média Digital
Post production
Customer Director
Campaign Manager
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Account Management Team
Account Management Team
Account Management Team
Account Management Team
Producteur, agence
Producteur, agence
Agence Média
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Maison de production
Post-Production audio

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