Gerard Roe
Directeur de création at Young Scree Scene
Dublin, Irlande
Campagne Second hand trash - Dublin City Council
Annonceur Dublin City Council
Marque Dublin City Council
Mise en ligneOctobre 2010
Secteur d'activité Environnement & Ecologie
Slogan Free second hand cigarettes. Nobody wants your litter. Bin it.
Synopsis Chewing gum, fast food packaging and cigarette butts are for some reasons not even classed as litter by litterers. They place the gum, throw the butts and leave the bags of empty junk food everywhere. Publicis QMP Dublin have attempted to show in our visuals that no one has any need or desire for your second hand gum, junk food or cigarette butts. So, just throw it in the bin when you are finished.

In our ads we have represented the items as if they were being truly advertised. We also suggest that these items are free with an offer star.

However, the visuals portray a half chewed burger meal in the junk food execution while in the cigarette ad, it's a pack of butts and ashes for sale. In the gumball machine we see chewed gum, ready for resale. So, all the items are totally useless and undesirable.

The campaign poses the question: Why dump these things anywhere other than a bin? and shows clearly that no one wants your second hand litter so just throw it in the bin when you are finished.
Type de média Presse & publications
Directeur de création
Directeur artistique
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