Alessandro Antonini
ECD and Global Creative Director at Leo Burnett Milan, Milano
Milano, Italie
TitreNew 500X - A Taste of Tomorrow. Today
Campagne New 500X - A Taste of Tomorrow. Today
Annonceur Fiat
Marque Fiat 500X
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Petites voitures
Synopsis Made by the Leo Burnett creative agency and directed by Ago Panini for the Movie Magic Production Company, the short is set in a Sixties Italian city, where a young couple are riding in a D series Fiat 600 along streets lined with the shops, passers-by and cars of the period. We are viewing the origins of the Italian design and manufacturing excellence which was soon to conquer the world. Suddenly, a lightning bolt strikes the car and projects it into the future, which is our present, transforming it into the New 500X. The leap through time amazes the young couple who soon warm up to their "taste of tomorrow". Through some thrilling situations, the young people discover the driving assist systems that make any journey in the New 500X a unique, comfortable, safe, fun experience. An experience reinforced by the new family of small Turbo petrol engines that deliver brilliant performances and an outstanding ride. The couple are also fascinated by the Uconnect 7" HD LIVE system, which provides satellite navigation and connectivity: truly another world. All contained in a crossover with completely renewed styling that still retains its distinctive, iconic character, featuring the new Full Led headlights for greater visibility and safety. The short ends with the young couple returning to their own time, still on board the New 500X. At the end of their extraordinary journey is a cameo of American actor Christopher Lloyd playing the part of a smug and original traffic warden.
Type de média Film Web
Directeur de la création
Directeur de la création
Directeur de la création
Concepteur / rédacteur
Directeur artistique
Client Services Director
Responsable de budget agence
Responsable de la TV prod
Producteur TV agence
Producer CDP
Producteur exécutif
VFX/Post Production
Post-Production audio
Concepteur / rédacteur
Print Art Director
Print Art Director
Print Art Director
Agence Média

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