Jeroen Mol
Réalisateur at CZAR.BE
Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
TitrePlaying Cards
Campagne Playing Cards
Annonceur United Pan-Europe Communications
Marque UPC
Mise en ligneDécembre 2000
Produit Telecommunications
Secteur d'activité Télécommunications
Synopsis The camera zooms in to a poker game, two old men and two old women are playing. Both the women have very strange expressions and by winking and showing their false teeth they communicate which cards to play. It works because in the end, the women win the game, one of them laughing out old.
Problème UPC is a company that provides a wide range of different ways for telecommunication: cable TV and interactive TV, internet, video on demand, telephone service. So whatever way anybody has to communicate with the world, UPC provides the tools. The ony thing the consumer has to do is-make a choice! And communicate in his very personal way.
Type de média Télévision
Directeur de création
Concepteur / rédacteur
Directeur artistique
Maison de production
Producteur, agence
Producteur, maison de production

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