Tibor Varga
Directeur artistique at DDB Budapest
Budapest, Hongrie
TitreHi 2
Campagne 15 Years - McDonald's
Annonceur McDonald's
Marque McDonald's
Mise en ligneOctobre 2003
Secteur d'activité Chaînes de fast-food & de restaurants
Slogan We have known each other for 15 years
Synopsis We are portraying a young man, reasonably cool, walking on the streets of Budapest, whom everybody greets and seems to know. Why is he known in the community? Because, as a McDonald's employee, he has been serving all those people. He ultimately becomes a personification of McDonald's brand.
Philosophie Sometimes, when we walk on the street, we see people that seem familiar to us; we smile and wave them automatically, even if we don't know exactly where to take them from. This a gesture that is sourced by familiarity, empathy, even sympathy for and with the person we meet. We thought that this gesture is representative, if no quintessential, for McDonald's role as part of the Hungarian community today. We also took on board that for the young adults it is very important to be cool, to be trendy, as well as to have the right (& cool) style. "Hi" the first film we have produced emerged from this thought, this insight.
Problème McDonald’s is so much a part of the Hungarian families’ everyday life that going into McDonald’s has become (almost) irresistible. McDonald’s has gained families’ trust and it has become a point of reference. Is is such a deeply rooted habit, that it is natural nowadays to even count on people to go into McDonald’s, everytime they see the golden arches. So natural, that even nature itself had to take into account...
Type de média Télévision
Directeur de création
Directeur artistique
Concepteur / rédacteur
Maison de production
Chef de groupe
Directeur de la publicité
Chef éclairagiste

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