Joe Conrad
Denver, Etats-Unis
TitreOne Knudson Ron
Campagne One Knudson Ron
Annonceur Knudson Manufacturing
Marque Knudson Roll Formers
Mise en ligneJuillet 2006
Secteur d'activité Autres
Slogan 1 Knudson
Synopsis A distinguished on-site, metal roll forming manufacturer known for its innovative designs and durable equipment, Knudson Manufacturing, Inc. enlisted Cactus to develop a print campaign to strengthen Knudson’s brand recognition and increase awareness of its competitive advantages. In an industry not known for interesting creative, Knudson wanted to break all barriers with an edgy, artistic campaign that stands out in the pages trade publications.
Problème Targeting gutter and roofing contractors, coil suppliers and homebuilders, Knudson wanted to convey how its reliable, durable machines help businesses and their employees thrive. To this end, Cactus created the “One Knudson” campaign to show that Knudson’s machines not only accomplish the task at hand, they provide end users a lifestyle and sense of security that no other machines offer.
Type de média Presse magazine
Marché Americas, Etats-Unis
Strategic Director
Directeur de création
Directeur artistique
Post Production
Concepteur / rédacteur

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