Igor Mladinovic
Creative Director at McCann Zagreb
Zagreb, Croatie
TitreA Consonant For Life
Campagne A Consonant For Life
Marque Croatian Transplant Association
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Santé publique, hygiène et sécurité
Philosophie The purpose of campaign was to start a national debate enabling everyone to clearly state their opinion on organ donation. It is vital for closest member of family to know ones attitude so they could make the right choice if they ever face this situation. A campaign was launched on European Day for Organ Donation and Transplantation. The idea behind the campaign was to metaphorically illustrate organ donation by removing a consonant (CONSONANT in Croatian language also means a CONSENT) from the names/logos and motivate people/brands to do the same and show their consent with organ donation. The campaign was launched on the national press-conference of Ministry of Health where the Minister ”removed” a consonant from his name written on a name tag. This unexpected move started a huge public debate about the importance of showing consent to organ donation. Soon, the largest Croatian media houses and brands followed his example by removing consonants from their logos. In that unusual way, they created additional buzz. Media throughout the country published series of PR about the organ donation using TV reports, print, radio and online. The campaign achieved an extraordinary reach and PR started a discussion over the country. To encourage a personal statement, we launched a web application that enabled a user to metaphorically give a consonant from his name on Facebook. Users could upload their photos to their Facebook page, showing their consent. 
Problème Croatian Transplant Organization has provided us with the facts about the everyday situations in the hospitals in Croatia: according to their data, family of deceased often doesn’t know their opinion towards organ donations so that STOPS or in some cases prolongs the donating process. The main objective was to motivate individuals and create opportunities to personally express their opinion about organ donation while they are still alive, so it could be clearly visible to their closest family members. That way they could respect their wishes in a case of death. 
Résultat Execution was divided into 3 phases: 1) We engaged the Croatian Minister of Health, who removed consonant from his name in order to show his personal consent to organ donation. 2) National relevant media houses decided to support the idea and remove the consonant from their logos. 3) Earned PR on the topic exploded and the support and engagement grew rapidly. Everybody started to talk and write about importance of showing your consent to organ donation. In order to give everyone else the opportunity to show his or her consent, we started the third phase: we created a web application that enables you to remove one consonant from your name and ‘rename’ your Facebook profile. The web buzz continued to pass on the main campaign message.OUTPUT/AWARENESS: PRINT: 26.4% reach (15+ population) of the print edition with modified logo and published articles. TV: 41.5% reach (15+ population) of program containing the modified logo or related program content. INTERNET: 900,000 unique visitors on websites with modified logos and articles about the campaign within 1st day of campaign. KNOWLEDGE/CONSIDERATION: EARNED MEDIA VALUE: 1.5 million Euro estimated value of media placement. We reached this WITHOUT PAID MEDIA CHANNELS. ACTION/BUSINESS IMPACT: The latest data from Croatian Ministry of Health and Eurotransplant showed extraordinary results: Croatia has become the most successful member of Eurotransplant with the growth of 23% (organ donations per capita) in 2015 and has the shortest waiting time for transplantation within EU. (Sources: Ipsos-puls, AGB Nielsen, Gemius audience, Eurotransplant, Croatian Ministry of Health)The StrategyThe strategy was to engage Croatian Minister of Health and the most relevant media houses to spark the national relevant conversation. To build public opinion we intervened on brand names and logos to ensure highest possible visibility and standalone message position. After that we planned to transfer conversations on Social networks that is one of most used media of younger target audience. We targeted younger audience because the most common organ donators in Croatia are older (between 49 and 57 years). Contrary, in the rest of the Europe range is 16-55 years. 
Type de média Etude de cas
Art & Innovation Directior
Responsable de la création
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Concepteur / rédacteur
Chef de groupe
Responsable média
Responsable de la création
Digital Creative Officer
Client Service Director
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