Simon French
London, United Kingdom, Royaume-Uni
TitreSpectre (Title Sequence)
BriefIs a movie title sequence an ad? The jury debated this unexpected entry from a production company. The decision: it certainly makes you want to see the rest of the film. The titles for latest instalment in the Bond franchise, Spectre, combine familiar elements with slower, more sensual pacing and octopus imagery recalling Japanese art. “The use of old Bond footage was a technical challenge, solved by a link to ‘shattering glass’ in the lyrics,” say the team. The result is one of the highlights of the entire film.
Campagne Spectre (Title Sequence)
Annonceur Eon Productions
Marque Spectre
Mise en ligneNovembre 2016
Secteur d'activité Production cinématographique
Synopsis Framestore worked with Director Daniel Kleinman to create the title sequence for Sam Mendes’ Spectre, bringing together years of past collaborative experience to deliver a new narrative and sequence for 2015. The creative process involved a broad team of artists who worked closely with Kleinman to define the images, style and tone of the sequence, which needed to be both reminiscent of previous Bonds whilst igniting intrigue for the latest picture.

Framestore used a variety of stylistic elements to build the sequence, combining staples - guns, girls, skulls - with Spectre’s iconic octopus, and a new focus on love. The use of old Bond footage was a technical challenge, solved by a link to ‘shattering glass’ in the lyrics. The slower pace of the chosen song saw the team reduce their scenes, focusing on beautiful segways between the images. The result is both engaging and intriguing, challenging the high standards set by previous films.
Type de média Télévision
Maison de production
Producteur, maison de production
Directeur de la photo
Directeur de la photo
Effets spéciaux Framestore
Effets spéciaux
Effets spéciaux
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