Can Faga
Executive Creative Director at Publicis Yorum, Istanbul
Istanbul, Turquie
TitreOral-B Reach Behind Dental Braces 2
Campagne Oral-B Reach Behind Dental Braces
Annonceur Procter & Gamble
Marque Oral-B
Mise en ligneNovembre 2016
Secteur d'activité Hygiène buccale
Synopsis Oral-B in Turkey is the key player in premium toothbrush segment. It is known by the consumers mostly with its general purpose lines. But its niche and specialized ranges’ -such as orthodontic lines- awareness, was limited.In order to tackle this situation, and increase Ortho-Brush’s (orthodontic toothbrush line) awareness, a special -tongue and cheek- visual dramatization language created. This visual world represent the biggest issue of sticking food residues between dental braces. To demonstrate that in a striking manner, residues depicted as animals itself and braces represents as fences, and Oral-B Ortho Brush visualized as the liberator of animals (residues).
Type de média Presse & publications
Directeur de création
Concepteur / rédacteur
Directeur artistique
Brand Manager

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