Can Faga
Executive Creative Director at Publicis Yorum, Istanbul
Istanbul, Turquie
Titre23rd April National Sovereignity and Children Day
Campagne 23rd April National Sovereignity and Children Day
Annonceur ING Bank
Marque ING Bank Turkey
Mise en ligneFévrier 2019
Secteur d'activité Banque, finance, droit et assurance
Synopsis On 2018 ING Bank Turkey wanted to underline the gender inequality problem in Turkey via its special days communications. Since the brand is a #HeForShe ambassador in Turkey we had the claim to talk about these issues.For 23rd April National Sovereignity and Children Day we wanted to underline the effects of gender roles on children that unwillingly imposed by their parents and teachers.In order to touch this sensitive issue we chose a positive approach and show this probem via letting the children tell their own dreams and want an equal future from the grown-ups.Our video had 30M reach, 165M of engagement, 20M of view (6M views on the first 3 days on YouTube), 273K reaction and 36K of share. Additional to these numbers; government officials, news anchors and influencers shared our video.
Type de média Film Web
Directeur de la création
Directeur de création
Directeur de création
Concepteur / rédacteur
Directeur artistique
Responsable de la stratégie
Responsable de la stratégie
Directeur des Stratégies
Directeur de clientèle
Directeur de clientèle
Chef de groupe
Chef de groupe
Responsable de la production
Producteur, agence

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