Suhana Gordhan
Creative Director at FCB South Africa, Johannesburg
Johannesburg, Afrique du Sud
Campagne Last Dictator Standing (2011)
Annonceur Nando's
Marque Nando's South Africa
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Chaînes de fast-food & de restaurants
Synopsis Nando’s (a South African flame grilled peri peri chicken franchise) briefed us to promote a meal to share during the festive season whilst creating talkability around the brand. Our idea was that no one should have to eat alone, not even a mad tyrant. We launched the campaign with The “Last Dictator Standing” TV ad. The radio ideas revolve around (Robert Mugabe’s) loneliness. With the much-publicized fall of dictators in 2011, we thought Robert might be desperately seeking company this festive season. Through the three different executions we hear him calling up sworn enemies to avoid eating alone. In this execution he leaves a message for his well-known political rival, Morgan Tsvangirai whom Mugabe previously had assaulted and imprisoned for opposing him. 
Philosophie The festive season is a time for sharing. So this was the insight employed to promote the meals to share. Robert Mugabe is Southern Africa’s last standing dictator, so with 2011’s much-publicized fall of dictators, we wondered whom he would share his meal with. The main thrust of the campaign is the notion that no one should eat alone and no matter who you are, Nando’s provides the perfect opportunity for friends to get together and share a delicious meal. 
Problème In our 2010 Festive Season campaign assisted in selling a record amount of meals for that particular period. A year later, we were faced with the monumental task of creating a Nando’s Festive campaign that would top the 2010 campaign. This meant ensuring that our promotional meals exceeded 2010’s 15% contribution to overall sales. This was no small feat. 
Résultat Within hours of flighting, the campaign was a trending topic on twitter and on the front page of YouTube. To date, there are over 2 million combined YouTube views, a first for a South African TV ad. This result is relevant when understood in the context of the region – only 14% of South Africans have Internet access. The campaign sparked local and international debate and made headlines in major newspapers, news networks and blogs. With a miniscule media budget of $185 000 the total earned media exceeded $2 500 000. The advertised meals were the highest selling promotional meals for any festive season in the history of Nando’s. 
Type de média Radio
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