David Pimentel
Partner at levector
Ecuador, Equateur
This feature length documentary directed by Oliver Lee Garland and produced by Levector Films, shows us how the extreme Ecuadorian athlete Millán Ludeña, embarks on his new adventure to be the first athlete to register a new Guinness World Record ™ for his beloved country.

For 90 minutes we will live each moment of Millan’s journey starting from the intense logistical planning to the physical and mental challenges that he faces throughout this incredible journey of connecting the two most extreme points on the planet. He plans to do this by running a half marathon inside the deepest part of the world, the Mponeng Mine (4,000M below the earth’s surface) in South Africa and then travel back to his home country to run a half marathon towards the closest point to the sun, Mt. Chimborazo (6,280M above sea level). The plan is to do all of this in less than 65 hours.

FROM CORE TO SUN is an inspirational story that shows us that when we defy our own limits and break through them, we achieve the most extraordinary things while chasing our dreams.

Genre: Sports Documentary
Duration: 90 min
Format: Full HD
Language: Spanish


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