Hans Desmet
Monteur at Wunderman Thompson
Antwerp, Belgique
TitreMissing Poster Child
BriefIn Belgium, the face of the little boy on packets of Cassonade Graeffe sugar has been a familiar sight for 65 years. For the 20th anniversary of Belgian missing children's agency Child Focus, a limited edition version of the packaging was launched. And the little boy was missing, leaving nothing but an empty chair. The resulting media coverage was backed up by an online video featuring Edouard, a young man who had once been missing himself.
Campagne Missing Poster Child
Annonceur Child Focus
Marque Child Focus Belgian Center for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children
Mise en ligneNovembre 2018
Secteur d'activité Institutions / Interêt Public / Associations à but non lucratif
Synopsis IDEA: For their 20th anniversary, Child Focus, the Belgian centre for missing children, teamed up with the sugar brand Tiense Suiker and launched this limited edition of the Cassonade packaging. Nation wide the entire in shelf stock was changed and 250,000 new packets were introduced in every store all over Belgium. But this time the little boy was missing, leaving nothing but an empty chair.The 250,000 childless packets were first secretly introduced in stores all over Belgium without any campaign. This immediately caused a lot of surprised reactions on social media.A week later we sent special direct mails to the press and launched the campaign on social media with a video. At first, the video looked like a typical sugar commercial but then, instead of an actor, it starred Edouard, a young man who had once been missing himself.RESULTSThe campaign caught the desired attention on social media and all major media channels. This brought the message back on the table resulting in an increase of shares of missing children posts on Facebook and an increase of Facebook followers. And in the end, that’s the most valuable result: having more eyes on the lookout for missing children.24 million media impressions€503.000 earned media+68% share rate of missing children posts+9% social reach+8% Facebook followers
Problème In almost every kitchen cupboard in Belgium you’ll find the same familiar face. That of a little boy printed on a packet of Cassonade Graeffe sugar. The child on the packaging became a real icon because it has been on the Cassonade packaging for the last 65 years. It’s so iconic that Belgians don’t even know it as Cassonade Graeffe but call it “Kindjessuiker” or “Little kids sugar”.
Type de média Packaging, Marque & Design
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