Handsome Wong
Designer at VMLY&R Shanghai
Shanghai, Chine
TitreWooden shark coffins 1
Campagne Wooden shark coffins
Annonceur International Fund for Animal Welfare
Marque IFAW
Mise en ligneNovembre 2013
Secteur d'activité Droits des animaux, adoption
Synopsis The shark-sized coffins are used to emphasize the killing of over 73 million of the species every year just for bowls of soup. their fins only make up a small 2% of their total body weight, and they are brutally sliced off with the dead animals then tossed back into the ocean. the campaign was done in collaboration with IFAW, one of china’s most prominent animal welfare organizations. the intent of the installation was to evoke a response, and to expose the absurd reality that millions of animals needlessly die just for small bowls of soup. visitors to the exhibition were asked to sign a petition pledging their support to stop eating the well known ‘delicatessen’, which more than 49,000 people signed. furthermore, over 700,000 online discussions were generated with 120 media outlets reporting the cause, creating over 50 million impressions worldwide. 
Type de média Presse & publications
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Concepteur / rédacteur

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