Jasmin Tarasin

Jasmin Tarasin

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The work of Jasmin Tarasin is inspired by finding the beauty in reality. Jasmin’s ability to find intimacy and honesty in her work has been an integral part of her success as a director. She works in the realm of documentary, film, advertising and video installation. Her honest and unaffected approach has brought attention to her work worldwide.

Her directorial debut was a four part television documentary series on the artistic process of fashion designers in Australia, entitled 'The Closet Tales of Australian Fashion'. The Age describes her work on the documentary “(as) a tapestry of beautiful imagery... and therein lies the appeal.”

She then went on to work internationally as a commercials and music video director working with clients that include Commonwealth Bank, Foxtel, Pantene, Woolworths and many more.
She also enjoyed making award winning music videos for artists including Peaches and Gareth Liddiard (The Drones).
Grey’s Worldwide Creative Director on the Pantene Project, Jeff Orr, commented on Jasmin’s particular ability to “combine... powerful visual storytelling with the complex demands of brand communications."

Jasmin launched a video art installation work that premiered as part of the Sydney Arts Festival entitled ‘Live’, which featured musical acts including Jarvis Cocker, Warren Ellis, Juliette Lewis, Martha and Rufus Wainwright and many more. As described in The Vine, "Live succeeds on every level to give an unbridled glimpse into the complex and intriguing art of self expression. This is a really fresh idea executed to perfection.”

She also directed a one hour documentary for ABC1 entitled 'Utopia Girls', which explored the history of women’s rights in Australia and featured performances by Barry Otto, David Fields, Alexandra Schepisi, Tom Budge and many more.
The Age describes the work as “brilliantly told in this thoughtful film … the use of actors in historical reenactment is most effective in conveying the extraordinary times in which these little known men and women revolutionized their society."

Jasmin is developing a feature film funded by Screen Australia based on the story of the most wanted woman in Australia in 1915, Jessie Hickman, a female bushranger. She is also working on a film piece with innovative dance company Chunky Move. 


SYDNEY, Australie
2000 - Actuellement ici (20 ans 8 mois)

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