David Mortimer
Account Planner at adam&eveDDB
London, Royaume-Uni
TitreCleaned Out
Campagne Cleaned Out
Annonceur Hertz
Marque Hertz
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Accessoires et services automobiles
Slogan You can take everything with Hertz Van Rental
Synopsis The ad opens on a tearful mother and father saying goodbye to their son as he gets in a Hertz van, presumably headed for college. When they go back inside, however, they gradually realize that their son has taken the kettle, the microwave, the television and pretty much everything else he could grab. It’s a funny way to deliver the “You can take everything with Hertz Van Rental” message that functions as the tagline. The pacing for the spot, directed by Guy Shelmerdine, is key, with the first sign that everything isn’t right coming when the mother goes to hang her coat up and it falls to the floor (as the son has taken the coathanger) and gradually building from there until the father wonders what exactly the son wants his grow bags for. It’s not easy to make an ad for a van rental entertaining or memorable, but Adam & Eve DDB manage to pull it off here. 
Type de média Télévision
Responsable de la création
Directeur de clientèle
Directeur de la création
Directeur de la création
Directeur de création
Directeur de création
Equipe créative
Equipe créative
Producteur, agence
Directeur de la photo
Post production MPC
Directeur de la production
Sound Designer

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