Ion Cojocaru
Content Director at UM Romania
Dubai, Emirats Arabes Unis
TitreTalent For Hire
Campagne Talent For Hire
Annonceur K9 Friends
Mise en ligneMai 2016
Secteur d'activité Droits des animaux, adoption
Synopsis Research from the Oxford Humane Society tells us that less than 2 in 10 dogs are adopted from an animal shelter. All over the world, people tend to use breeders or pet stores instead of adopting from animal shelters. This behaviour is compounded by the preconceived notion that shelter dogs are ‘damaged goods’. We set out to tap into that behaviour and change it by shining a new light on K9 Friends' dogs and drive adoption rates at the overcrowded shelter.
When people want to get a dog, the initial inclination is to buy a pedigree dog from a pet store and few consider adopting a shelter dog. To understand people’s attitudes towards shelter dogs we went to the streets and interviewed 50 existing dog owners and 50 aspiring dog owners. The biggest issues raised were - where do shelter dogs come from? Why get a dog that isn't purebred? Why get an older dog? We knew that we had to create a platform to squash the preconceptions by focusing on the personality of the dogs and showing people who these dogs truly are. We decided to elevate these dogs by encouraging Agencies, marketers and entrepreneurs to book our dogs as talent in their projects. Making stars of our shelter dogs made people see these otherwise labelled ‘damaged goods’ in a whole new light.
So began the first dog shelter Talent Agency. We took shelter dogs out of cages and put them in the spotlight. It's all about makeovers, Lookbooks and style—the perfect opportunity to impress people using the dogs' existing, usually dismissed charm and by portraying their large, old, shy and not-so-cute qualities in a completely new way.
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