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TitreBaby Care Wear
Campagne Baby Care Wear
Annonceur Bennison
Marque Bennison
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Vêtements pour enfants
Synopsis PJs are being donated to babies in need. The twist is, the packaging is made of soap paper. The recipient can tear off enough pieces of the packaging to clean the pajamas for the first few earlier months of a baby’s life. Upwards to 42% of baby deaths could be caused by hypothermia, according to the World Health Organization; even in warm climates because their body temperatures fluctuate. Nearly half a million die from unhygienic environments. This effort helps fight both causes. And frankly, if it even saves one baby’s life, it is worth it. 
Philosophie From the moment a baby is born, their temperature dangerously fluctuates when unclothed – even in warmer climates – putting them at risk of hypothermia and, possibly death. Bennison, a maker of high-end children’s sleepwear, set out to make a difference in a new way. With each sale, Bennison donates and delivers pajamas to impoverished countries around the world. And because hygiene is essential, keeping pajamas clean and germ-free is equally important. Our objective is to help mothers not only keep newborns warm, but keep some of the infants most at risk – warm, clean and safe. 
Problème Many impoverished areas, such as Liberia, lack access to anything but communal bar soap to clean the donated pajamas – which actually spreads germs rather than eliminates them. That’s why we created the Baby Care Wear package. Each pajama is wrapped in a package made entirely of water-soluble, non-toxic, biodegradable soap paper. Simply tear off a square and drop it in a pail of water. There is enough soap paper to keep infants clean during the first delicate months of their lives. Even the ink washes away since it’s the same kind hospitals use for baby footprints. 
Résultat The soap-packaged pajamas were distributed to Western Africa, and women’s shelters in the U.S. Over four thousand pajamas were donated to keep newborns warm. That’s four thousand pajamas that mothers need to keep clean. Each Baby Care Wear package is a step in the right direction to keeping newborns warm, clean and safe. 
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