Réalisation at THE CABS
Paris, France
TitreThe Biography of Tomorrow
BriefUsing Google Cloud, the 10 business markets of 10 CEOs were analysed. This predictive data was given to famous French authors, who turned the material into "the biographies of tomorrow". The books showed the executives the potential future lives they could have if they agreed to meet with the Google Cloud team. The covers featured a portrait of each targeted CEO. Finally, the books were hand delivered with the relevant Google Cloud contact details.
Campagne The Biography of Tomorrow
Annonceur Google
Marque Google Cloud
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Sites Internet (hors FAI)
Slogan The Biography of Tomorrow
Synopsis The campaign consists in create 10 managers' future biography based on the analysis of the differents markets.
Synopsis (langue originale) To show the power of Google Cloud, we set up a full-scale demonstration by analysing the 10 business markets of 10 CEOs. Extremely accurate and predictive data was collected. Then we used and reshaped them into a brand new genre of book. With the help of writers from Le Cherche Midi (one of the top 10 publishing houses in France), we created the 10 first “biographies of anticipation”, explaining the potential future lives these executives could have if they accepted to meet with the Google Cloud team.The collection consisted of 10 books, each published in one single example, telling the 10 stories, each 60 pages long, and prefaced by the world famous economist Jacques Attali. For obvious reasons of confidentiality, the information gathered wasn’t available to the media and only the person concerned had access to the entire and uncensored version of their book. The cover featured an illustrated portrait of the targeted CEO by the talented artist, Alix d’Anselme. Each book was individually delivered to each CEO, with the name and contact information of the Head of Marketing at Google Cloud
Type de média Digital
Associate General Manager
Directeur de création
Concepteur / rédacteur
Concepteur / rédacteur
Directeur artistique
Head of Social Media
TV Production
TV producer
Post production
Post production
group chief
Editorial Coordinator
Head of marketing
Head of enterprise marketing
Marketing content manager
marketing campaign manager

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