Igor Bondarenko
Sound Designer at Postmen
TitreGrains of Truth - Holodomor Museum crowdfunding campaign
Campagne Grains of Truth
Annonceur Holodomor Museum Foundation
Marque Holodomor Museum
Mise en ligneJuillet 2021
Secteur d'activité Musées & monuments
Synopsis In 2020 Ukraine renewed construction of a Holodomor Museum, which is a main institution to commemorate 7 000 000 people killed in the most massive murder during a peaceful time in 1932-1933.The mission of the Museum is to unite Ukrainians to count every person, intentionally killed by starvation.We decided to build a campaign around a fundraising web-platform where every donation will reveal one single name. Every name was presented as a grain.No single artist can create millions of unique symbols himself, but the sprouts of Holodomor victims can do that. We created a stencil, which can be filled with a unique content by every creator. The world's first visual identity, which is initially empty. Like the memory of those who are unaware. By people’s efforts it is filled by grains of truth - names, testimonies and donations. We will keep on counting, until every victim is recalled and every grain grows.
Type de média Etude de cas
Plus d'info
Directeur de création
Directeur artistique
Creative Copywriter
Responsable de budget agence
Social Media Manager
Producteur créatif
Motion Designer
Sound Designer

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