Kim Suponin
Effets spéciaux at Folk Finland
Helsinki, Finlande
TitreThe Escapist
BriefAn escape artist prepares to take the plunge into a transparent tank of icy water. He’s bound in locks, chains and shackles. But who’s that lurking in the wings, looking on with great interest? The cut-price Houdini is lowered into the water and…fails to escape. The crowd is concerned. The MC is worried: they’re going to have to yank the escapist out. And the man in the wings is happy. He’s the founder of Abloy, maker of the world’s first unpickable lock. Mr Emil Henriksson invented the Abloy Lock, which protects almost every Finnish home and many other households and establishments around the globe. Here we meet Mr Henriksson as he invents his way around the world and across time. From the moment he creates a lock that cannot be picked to the evolution of the virtual lock in modern times, the great inventor is finally given a story as big as his talents, on the occasion of Abloy's 110th anniversary.
Campagne Abloy
Annonceur Abloy
Marque Abloy
Mise en ligneNovembre 2017
Secteur d'activité Électroménager, meubles et jardinage
Synopsis Story of The Immortal Mr. Henriksson to celebrate Abloy's 110th anniversary and Finland's most remarkable invention; Abloy Lock.

Abloy is a company which is one of the leading manufacturers of locks, locking systems and architectural hardware. It’s also world’s leading developer of products in the field of electromechanical locking technology. Abloy locks protect basically every Finnish home, but also many of the most prestigious establishments around the world like the Hermitage Museum, Eiffel Tower, British Museum and Panama Channel to name a few.

In early 1900 Mr. Emil Henriksson invented the Abloy Lock. According to the knowledge we have of Mr. Emil Henriksson (1886–1959) is that he was a mechanic by trade, artist, linguistic, traveller and above all else, a problem-solver by heart. His greatest invention was the first lock that could not be picked. Henriksson’s invention continues to be the foundation for all Abloy locking systems, which are designed and manufactured in Finland. The lock was named as the most significant invention in Finland by the Foundation for Finnish Inventions in 1999.
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