Chantelle Begley
Miss at Havas
LONDON, Royaume-Uni
TitreUnforgettable Nights 1
Campagne Unforgettable Nights
Annonceur Reckitt Benckiser
Marque Durex
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Contraceptifs, préservatifs, tests de grossesse
Philosophie The fast-paced films are each narrated by a person reliving what at first seems an innocuous night out, before ending in unprotected sex – and the consequence of an STI diagnosis. They aim to draw attention to both the symptoms and to the lesser-known, potential long-term effects of an STI, including infertility in both men and women. Familiar, relatable characters – your best mate’s sister, the girl who came back to town, a friend’s cousin, the hot guy from college – are used throughout the campaign to help debunk the commonly-held belief among young people that you can only contract an STI from a stranger, not someone you know.
Type de média Télévision
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