Jean Shih
Concepteur / rédacteur at ADK Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan
TitreRhythm of Love Wall
Campagne Rhythm of Love Wall
Annonceur Uni 7-11 Csr
Marque 7-Eleven
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Détail, distribution, chaînes de restaurants
Synopsis Implementation;There's no interaction between the ordinary donation box and the donors, it's almost one-way. That is, the interaction will be finished after people donate the money.;The Rhythm of Love Wall broke this restriction, makes the donation box become an outdoor media which can interact with the consumer. People can receive the applause immediately after donating, in addition, 7-ELEVEN stands in great advantage with owning 5000 stores all over Taiwan, so the Rhythm of Love Wall toured across various key cities in Taiwan, and successfully reached everyone around the country, it effectively increases the participation.;Entry Summary;In Taiwan, everyone knows the meaning of “Rhythm of Love.”;However, to people from other countries, the clapping doesn't mean anything to them.;It is a well-known and most direct way to express encouragement to anyone to the Taiwanese people since their childhood. As a result, whenever people in Taiwan hear the clapping of Rhythm of Love, they will realize there’s someone doing a good deed which is worth to be encouraged.;Therefore we brought up an idea – “Every coin with love deserved a loving encouragement!”, we make people can receive the Rhythm of Love applause when they did a good deed. It not only successfully draws peoples’ attention across the whole countries but also created the buzz of “donating will receive encouragement.”;Brief Explanation;The traditional donation box is always presented as a box, it can’t make the sound and interact with the consumer neither.;The Rhythm of Love Wall donation box, which directly transformed the donation box into a new outdoor media. When people drop a coin into it, it will instantly give applause to them, communicate that helping people is a happy thing.;People can create their own clapping rhythm on the mobile website, and transmit back to the installation in the store immediately, and people can also make a donation online.;7-ELEVEN stands in great advantage with over 5000 stores all over Taiwan, make the Rhythm of Love Wall successfully reached to everyone and created a huge buzz while it just launched.
Philosophie PARTY New York and ADK Taiwan created a Robotic Clapping Wall for 7-Eleven Taiwan’s CSR campaign “Rhythm of Love”. The Robotic Clapping Wall is made of 12 pairs of mechanical hands and a donation box. Every time someone donates money into the donation box, the wall will react and start to clap, thus giving you an applause for your contribution.
The wall performs different clapping rhythms every time including user-generated ones. I designed a campaign website, which allows visitors to create and share their own clapping rhythm. These walls were exhibited at 7-Eleven stores across major cities in Taiwan for 2 months.
Type de média Digital
Responsable de la création
Directeur de création
Concepteur / rédacteur
Concepteur / rédacteur
Concepteur / rédacteur
Directeur artistique
Directeur artistique
Directeur artistique
Website Director
Special Effects Company
Sound Production Company
Chief Creative Officer & Art Director Richard Yu
Creative Director & Art Director Kurt Lin
Copywriter Jean Shih
Copywriter Lisa Wang
Art Director Yuzen Lin
Account Executive Shika Hsieh
Account Executive Riley Hsia
Creative Director / Design Director Eiji Muroichi
Tech Director Qanta Shimizu
Senior Designer Shiny Lee
Creative Advisor Masashi Kawamura
Clapping Hand Tech & Design Direction Masato Takahashi
Production Director Chiao-Chun Su
Electronic engineer Ben Hsu
Installation production Yi-Hsuan Chu
Installation production Chi-Tsung Chen
Installation production Yvonne Chang
Programmer Chi-Chen Yang
Music Producer, Composer Yuuki Ono
Web Developer Yuma Murakami
Director Ou Chelun
Entrant Company ADK TAIWAN
Idea Creation ADK TAIWAN
Production PARTY NY
Production BYE BYE WORLD
Production 23 DESIGN
Additional Company WONDROUS INC.
Additional Company MASUMASU

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