Nathael Duboc
General Manager at gyro:paris
Paris Area, France, France
BriefToday consuming French-made products is an assurance of quality and taste. So thanks to the illustrator Bahar, the campaign clearly expresses the "Frenchness" of the brand.
Campagne Campagne Identité de marque
Annonceur de Neuville
Marque de Neuville
Mise en ligneNovembre 2019
Secteur d'activité Chocolat
Synopsis How to make the brand emerge on a market carried by 2 strong and very appreciated brands, with a very limited budget?Today consuming french is an assurance of quality and tasteWe stated the "frenchness" of the brand, claiming the made of France( 100% French manufacturing and mostly, chocolates that concentratewhat makes the richness and the characteristics of the French art of living.we created a history to the brand, a new territory. We gave the branda real personality, colorful, light, free, elegant imagery and communication codesimmediately associated with France. And we asked the illustrator Bahar to give the style.In early 2019, the brand returns to positive business results (+9% end of April 19 vs April 18),doubles its awareness (22% to 46%), develops its network of franchisees.(11 openings end of July 2019 vs 2 in 2018).
Problème Initially a traditional chocolate factory (1884), with a unique know-how, the brand creates its network of shops (1986). Today, de Neuville is a chocolate retailer with 150 boutiques on a chocolate market dominated by two giants of Belgian chocolates (Leonidas and Jeff de Bruges, 2 or 3 more shops than de Neuville).- Low brand awareness for de Neuville (22% vs 86% for Jeff de Bruges and 66% for Leonidas)- Low media share (3% vs 95% for Leonidas and Jeff de Bruges)==> De Neuville French chocolates brand has a dusty image, a communication without a lot of consistency and a very vague positioning.In this context, how to emerge for the Neuville on the market of chocolate retailers ? knowing that in the minds of consumers, a good chocolate is a Belgian chocolate.
Type de média Presse & publications
Directeur de la création
Directeur de création
General Manager
Directeur artistique
Concepteur / rédacteur
Responsable de budget agence

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