Adrien Millot
Directeur artistique at _
Paris , France
TitreThe Letter of Demotivation
Titre (langue originale)La lettre de démotivation (anglais)
Campagne The Letter of Demotivation
Annonceur Innocence en Danger
Marque Innocence en Danger
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Associations d'information et de lutte contre la maladie
Synopsis Innocence in Danger wanted to reach companies and make them realize that they should be a part of the fight for child protection. Since traditional awareness campaigns didn’t have much impact on them, we had to find a new way to communicate. We decided to not talk about abused children but about the traumatized adults - and traumatized employees – they can become. We created a character, “Julien Miraute”, embodying millions of victims, and wrote a Demotivation letter instead of a Motivation Letter (French word for Cover letter). Based on real testimonies, relating daily pains and sufferings at work as a consequence of abuses from childhood, and all the reasons why he would NOT be a good candidate, the letter has been sent to the 100 largest compagnies in France. We used mailing and LinkedIn mainly.
Type de média Digital
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Directeur de création
Directeur de création
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