Shehan Samarasinha
Director - Strategic Planning at Triad Pvt Ltd
Colombo, Sri Lanka
TitreNational Muslim Collective - Inherit His Name, Inherit His Way
Annonceur N/A
Marque National Muslim Collective
Date de première diffusion/publication
Synopsis For a Muslim cleansing oneself before prayer, also known as ablution, is mandatory. However, this daily ritual results in much water being wasted. Studies have shown that between 5-7L of water is wasted per cleansing and with cleansing occurring 5 times a day much water is wasted.

Working with religious scholars a solution was found. Over 90% of Sri Lankan muslims have the name Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH), or a derivative of it. Having his name is regarded as an honour and a commitment to inherit his ways. Today, they inherit another way.

Scholars’ referred the Quran and came across prophet’s way of ablution. He the prophet PBUH, would only use one mudd for ablution (a cup which could hold 625-650ml of water). Inspired by his way of ablution we redesigned the mudd using environment friendly clay and included an authentic narration from prophet on conserving water.
Type de média Packaging Design
Director - Strategic Planning and Insights

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