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After abolishing any stars of its uniform in 2012, considering that no title is more important than the club itself, Corinthians decided to get the symbol back in 2019 once again. This time, it wasn't about any championship, but a noble cause, which goes far beyond football.

On November 9, 1938, the world remembers the Crystal Night, which marks the beginning of Nazi persecution of Jews. One of the main symbols of those times was the Star of David, subverted by Nazism and used to identify Jews in one of the saddest chapters in human history: the Holocaust.

Created by the Brazilian agency Tech and Soul, the initiative in partnership with the Holocaust Memorial from São Paulo aimed to keep this history alive through documents, pictures, memories of the victims and historical records, bringing civility and empathy for the cause, for something like this will never happen again.

In their first November match for the Brazilian Championship, Corinthians entered the field with the yellow Star of David above their badges, in addition to important informations offered by materials in every seat of the stadium and press releases to TV, radio and newspappers connected to the game. After the match, every sport table in Brazilian TV became a history lesson. It crossed through the mainstream news and went global, impacting more than 20 contries and receiving a formal letter from Israel Ministry of Culture. The case also inspired other football teams around the globe to do the same, even virtually - with fans hacking the Fifa videogame to put the star in the Corinthians shirt.

The official shirts used during the game by the Corinthians players were auctioned, with all the money converted into donations to the Holocaust Museum. Due the popular demand, the special edition of the shirt went to the official Corinthians online store, acessible for every fan.

After the campaign, attendees of the museum increased 20%, helping to ensure that the history would be never forgotten, nor repeated.

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