Chen Sophiny

Chen Sophiny

Brand Manager at Saibei Liangcang Agricultural Development Co., Ltd
Hohhot, Chine

A propos

I am a brand manager who's currently working at an agricultural company.One of the registered shareholders of this company is the founder of Mengniu dairy- Niu Gensheng. Though I work in an “old” industry,the most employees of in team are the post-85s、90s,even the post-95s, which means we emphasis on brand management and the overall image of the advance. follow me,I‘ll show you the new moves of this old industry.

  • Mandarin - Native
  • Anglais - Pro
  • Russe - Basic


The Brand Manager
Inner Mongolia Saibei Granary Agricultural Development Co., Ltd, Hohhot
August 2018 - Actuellement ici (3 ans 5 mois)
My work in this company can be presented with three parts which include the brand work 、the product work and the intellectual property work.The brand work,which is also the most important work that I am needed to do.
1.According to the state of the brand development and the current marketing strategy,I help with formulating the brand development strategies.Then define the brand positioning which worked out as“The Slow Flour ” .
2.Since we have made a general brand development strategy and set the phased development goals,me and my team ’s job would be clear and certain.Just one step needs to be done before we do everything to reach the goals,which is improve and perfect the VI system based on the brand positioning. In this case,we use the color of green to represent our proposal of the“The Slow Flour”.
3.As most of the people think that the brand marketing practitioners are way to be examining our own sensory and perceptual experiences. Well ,that‘s true ,that’s also the reason why the we can tell good stories into true stories.So tell stories about our brand positioning with all kinds of ways ,like delivering ads to the potential customers both on and off the site,throwing the theme marketing activities both on and off the site.
One of the theme activities I'd like to present is the Mother‘s Day theme project. In this program,we made a video named as“ You Don't Have To Be The Prefect Mother“(《你不必面面俱到》). As we all know that to be a mother in these days is not an easy way to make your life count. Many mothers are enduring the pressures from their families、their supervisors from the job、their single still looking-good friends,but the most ,from their own.Based on this background,we planted the proposal of the“The Slow Flour”—— Natural growth for 120 days ,into this video. What we were trying to tell :Relax,the messy kitchen can also be filled with the laughters,your kids don't need a prefect mom,they need their mom which you already be .Just like the ”The Slow Flour“ doesn't need any addictive to make it a better flour which it already is.
Basically these are the most important work I do .Besides I need to do the daily management of the brand department,and help with the feasibility reports for some product programs.The protection of the intellectual properties can be provided by the professional institutions,what I need to do in this part of job is learning to listen to the profession advices.


literature bachelor's degree

September 2008 - June 2012 (3 ans 9 mois)
I learned Russian language and literature in these four years.And spent my third grade in Russia.

Academic certificate

October 2010 - June 2011 (8 mois)
I learned the major of international business affairs in the National University of economics and law, Baikal. Irkutsk was the most beautiful city I’d ever stayed. Not just because of the unforgettable view by the lake of Baikal,but the way I lived there.I missed the food named Шаурма,and the smoked fish sold by the lake of Baikal . I hope that one day I can get a chance to go back to that city once again.

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