TitreLittle Bits - That Kid
Campagne Little Bits
Annonceur Little Bits
Marque Little Bits
Date de première diffusion/publication
Secteur d'activité Electronique grand public, audiovisuel
Slogan Making Changemakers
Synopsis We all know “that” kid. The kid that can’t sit still, who touches everything in the store, that teachers warn each other about…

Who takes apart the vacuum cleaner, just to see how it works,
That won’t set the table because they turned it into a spaceship.
You know…”that” kid.

But you’re lucky to have that kid.
Who builds and breaks, who makes mistakes.
Because that kid may be a daydreamer, a troublemaker, a rule breaker.
But that kid is also an inventor, a creator, a changemaker.

And who wouldn’t want “that” kid?

littleBits #MakingChangemakers

Type de média Digital

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