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on 21 March 2019
How to navigate the third largest city in the Americas? Juan Takehara, director of content at, a respected communications journal, provides his personal guide to Peru’s populous capital. lire plus

Bruno Gralpois
par Bruno Gralpois on 20 March 2019
In the age of constant “mania,” advertisers and agencies simply deserve better ways to collaborate and successfully partner.  lire plus

Mark Tungate
par Mark Tungate on  7 March 2019
Le réseau de partage de photos et vidéos est devenu l’un des préférés des marques. Mais qui l’utilise avec le plus d’imagination ? lire plus

Mark Tungate
par Mark Tungate on  6 March 2019
The photo and video sharing network has become a favourite of brands. But who is using it in the most imaginative ways? lire plus

on 22 February 2019
Ad fraud concerns have become standard practice when buying and managing digital media. lire plus

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