16-18 Kirby Street
London EC1N 8TS
Téléphone: (+44) 0207 251 0101

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Autres compétences: Brand Content, Stratégie et planning, Consommateur

Fondée en: 1995

Effectif: 43

Awards: 12

créations: 3

Clients: 18


16-18 Kirby Street
London EC1N 8TS
Téléphone: (+44) 0207 251 0101
Alex Beiner

Alex Beiner

Head of New Business
Natalie Richardson

Natalie Richardson

Business Development Manager

Téléphone: (+44) 0207 251 0101

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A propos de l'agence Fold7

We like to think of ourselves as a 21st Century advertising agency, focused very much on 21st Century consumers.

Our guiding principle is ambition. It’s the filter that we apply to everything we do – ambition for our clients’ businesses, for the talent we employ, and for the work we produce. We work well with clients who have big ambitions because that’s where the best ideas come alive.

Welcome to the Fold. 


Philosophie et positionnement concurrentiel

In this ‘Google-era’, consumers are empowered like never before. They just naturally expect a few things from any brand, like choice and control, and being able to find out what they want to know easily and quickly. They expect to be able to contribute their opinions, by reviewing, sharing and advising others as part of a community based on trust and experience. And we know how busy they are and how intense the competition for their attention is.

So we see the role of advertising as a persuasive doorway to invite people into the brand and we create modern ideas that these savvy consumers can connect with. Ultimately, our job is to deliver a seamless brand experience through whichever channel consumers choose to engage with brands. 


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