1 Richmond Mews
London W1D 3DA
Téléphone: (+44) (0)203 544 2651


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Fondée en: 2012

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The Corner

1 Richmond Mews
London W1D 3DA
Téléphone: (+44) (0)203 544 2651
Neil Simpson

Neil Simpson

Founding Partner - Chief Executive Officer

A propos de l'agence The Corner

  At the heart of The Corner are two simple words - We Will. Its not another theory or agency model. Its an advertising attitude. This can do mentality is how we work with our clients and partners in every moment of every day to achieve success. 


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Philosophie et positionnement concurrentiel


'None of us are as smart as all of us' was our founding principle and it guides everything we do. No silos, dotted lines or egos. To deliver the sort of campaigns our clients need, we have lots of people with different skill sets and experiences all working together. Creativity is a team game now and the best team wins.

 Reasons why clients should work with us: 

 1. We are entrepreneurial - fresh, energetic, and hungry. We want our clients to own a greater share of tomorrow.

2. We are a tight blend of experienced partners and young innovative talent. Both will be focused on your business. We call it wise heads and open minds.

3. We have a modern outlook on communications solutions. No agendas or egos that get in the way. Just the right solution, in whatever shape works best.

4. We believe in We Will. That together with our clients we can achieve their business objectives. Our agency is a fusion of the different communications skills a modern client needs.

5. Our culture is open, generous, and democratic. We firmly believe that none of us is as smart as all of us , and that you can only stumble if you're moving forward. 

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