Rosapark: a "feel-good agency"

2019-2020. Exciting times for the agency Rosapark which gave us the occasion to sit down with the three founders of the agency: Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-François Sacco and Jean-Patrick Chiquiar

par Maud Largeaud , AdForum

 (from left to right: Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-François Sacco, Jean-Patrick Chiquiar)

• One year ago, Rosapark was named International Agency of the Year by AdWeek. What did this change at the agency ?

The whole agency was incredibly proud to have earned this recognition and we’re determined to win it a second time in the years to come! Sincerely speaking, we don’t chase awards at Rosapark. We're just looking to do a good job and if it's winning so much better.


• How has the creative team evolved recently? Have you hired or promoted new talents?

The agency’s at a turning point today. With 120 people, we have reached a size which, if we want to remain agile and reactive, requires us to have relays in the agency. That’s why we named Nicolas Gadesaude and Julien Saurin as Creative Directors for certain areas of the agency. We also brought on Dimitri Lucas and Anthony Lietard, who worked at Altmann+Pacreau, and William Verdel and Sebastien Maertens, from Romance.


• What advantages does belonging to Havas network give you? Can you use their resources? 

We have the best of both worlds. On the one hand, we have a great deal of independence by being located at rue Paul Bert instead of Havas Village. That allows us to preserve our agility and autonomy when it comes to management, and on the other hand, we can set up ad hoc teams when needed by drawing on the group's expertise for certain clients. That’s what we did when Skoda selected us for their entire PRM/CRM, we integrated Fullsix teams into our workforce. We also benefit from group research, like Havas Group's Prosumers studies, to which we have access, of course.


• A recent article quoted a special "Rosapark spirit"? How would you define that?

Rosapark is, above all, a human adventure for its three founders: Gilles, Jean-Patrick and myself. Without this friendship and mutual respect, Rosapark wouldn’t exist. It doesn’t make any sense to succeed with a big campaign if human relations isn’t a part of it - with Rosapark we wanted to create an agency grounded in human relations. A demanding place where you work hard but where you also know how to have fun. In short, a healthy, balanced and fulfilling place where we can come up with the best possible creation for our clients. Maybe that's what a "feel good agency" is all about!


• How is French creativity considered at a worldwide level?

I think that French creativity is increasingly respected internationally. France is beginning to assert a creative style somewhere between the Anglo-Saxons and the Latin community. A unique advertising creation based on strong insights and concepts with a careful and crafted execution. In short, a creativity that draws inspiration from the best of the international scene, but with its own distinction.


• What will be the most significant trend for 2020? And what can we expect from Rosapark?

When it comes to trends, you don't have to be a fortuneteller to see that CSR will still be a significant issue in 2020 in communications, and that it will be at the center of discussions in advertising. But the industry needs to be careful about how we talk about it. It will be a question of doing it in an intelligent, subtle and nuanced way, otherwise it will be perceived as fake and insincere, and people will see right through it.

As for Rosapark, we want to continue coming up with the most strategic and creative ideas imaginable for our clients, to uncover deep human truths and translate them into the most entertaining content possible. In short, to keep the love and passion for this profession! 

Jean-Francois Sacco
Co-Founder Chief Creative Officer Rosapark, Paris

Gilles Fichteberg
Cofondateur Rosapark, Paris
Jean-Patrick Chiquiar
Cofondateur Rosapark, Paris