Egil Pay
AD at TRY/Apt
Oslo, Norvège
TitreThe Boy Who Could Fly
Campagne Gives Back
Annonceur Canal Digital
Marque Canal Digital
Mise en ligneDécembre 2013
Secteur d'activité Télécommunications longue distance
Synopsis A soccer coach is interviewed. He tells us that what keeps him going, is seeing all the joy of soccer. He especially mentions Harald. We see Harald score a goal and become so full of joy that he starts to fly. The coach tells us that this happens all the time. We see Harald in different locations where he has landed. The coach tells us that he put Harald in defence. We see Harald get the ball on the other side of the field and kick the ball as hard as he can. It goes straight in the goal, and Harald begins to run across the fiels. And we have a lift of.Super:Canal Digital. Proudly sponsoring the joy of sports.Now we're funding kids soccer. Apply for your team at 
Problème Each year, Canal Digital gives away lots of money to childrens sports.The fund is called Canal Digital "Gives back". 
Type de média Télévision & Cinéma
Concepteur / rédacteur
Directeur artistique

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